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1973 Dodge Dart 340 Sport (175 Photos)

Here is our latest project here at Cliff Avenue. This Dart 340 Sport is owned by Roger & Elene Schrepel of Madison, South Dakota.

Here is the room full of parts after a day of disassembly. Here are a few pictures of the car on a roll. Here we are doing a fender and door fit before stripping the body. Here is our first order of new parts ready to go on. Here Jesse is stripping the body down to bare metal. Here are parts from all over the car about to be painted. Here they are again after detailing and assembly. Here is what we found after we dug into old paint and body work. Some of the old body work was over 3/4 of an inch thick. Turns out that the car we thought was in excellent conditon was actually kind of beat up all the way around, which goes to show you never know what you have until you actually dig into it. Here we cut out the rusted metal on both lower rear quarter panels as well as the inner structure in front of and behind the rear wheel on both sides. Here is the quarter after welding in the new patch and inner structure. Now its ready for a thin layer of body work to make everything perfectly flat. Now the quarter is ready for the first coat of primer. Here is the car with the base coat on before clearing. The color is Bright Blue Poly. Here it is with the final clear coat on. Here are some pictures of the car after wet sanding and buffing. Here the floor and trunk are painted. Here the tail light harness is installed along with the tail light housing. Here the inner fender is undercoated and the upper control arm is installed. Here the engine harness is installed along with the new decals. Here is the new forward light harness. New decals and freshly painted VIN tag. Here we have all the bolts, nuts, washers, screws, and other parts back from the plater and sorted so they can all be put back on the car just as they came off. Now we have the floor, doors, and quarter panels covered with our first stage of insulation. Here we put in the rear window and stainless trim. Its official the Dart is up and running like it never has before with the 340 having been stroked to 419 cid.
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