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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (224 Photos)

This 1970 Chevelle SS is originally a 454 LS5 with 360 hp. and a Muncie 4 speed. We turned it into a 454 LS6 with 450 hp.

Suspension pieces and rear end after painting. Paint and powder coat. Powder coated frame. We cut out the driver's side rear quarter. NOS (New Old Stock) driver's rear quarter panel. Here is the new quarter panel installed. The innder structure of the door was rusted out so we cut it out and hand made a patch. The tags you see in the next series of photos are tags that were used to label the parts in the factory before the car was assembled. That way the factory could be sure the correct parts got on the correct car. Here we are about to fit the body to the frame for the first test fit. Once everything lines up like we want we will remove the body again and finish the underside and firewall. Here we are putting the body on a roll so we can remove and replace the floor pans as well as finish the underside of the car before painting. Here the floor is completely welded in place. Now that the new floor is in place we were able to start sandblasting the entire bottom of the car. After body work we prime the car and begin blocking everything to get it all straight. We also did a little straightening of the firewall. Here we have the car in a second coat of primer. Here is the body in its third coat of primer and ready to be wet sanded, and then on to paint. Here is the car with just the base coat on with no clear yet. Here we have everything now with base coat and clear coat before the stripes. Here is the car with stripes before clear coat. Here is the stripes with all painting and clearing done, next on to wet sanding and buffing. Here are a few pictures of the car after being wet sanded and buffed. Here is the trunk floor painted. Here is the body on its side ready for undercoating. Here we are putting the body on the frame for the last time. Here we have the passenger side glass installed. Here are some pictures of the new dash installed. Here we have fresh paint on the 454 big block!
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