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1962 Chevrolet Impala (74 Photos)

Rust hole on the bottom of the passenger side fender. It was even rusted through the inner structure. So we cut out and will weld in patches for both. Here is the inner structure of the fender after repair. Under the old paint there was a think layer of bondo in many places. As we dug deeper we found many patches. The patch spanned the entire rear quarter. This entire body line was just a half inch thick layer of bondo. It turned out the entire back of the quarter was smashed in and covered. The passenger side had a few patches as well. Their way of fixing rust is to pound it in and spot weld a new panel over the rust. The patches we did on the rocker panel and rear quarter panel. When they put a new rear quarter panel they didnt get it straight anywhere so we cut it out to reshape it and weld it back in correctly. The entire rear end was completely mangled, not to mention brazed together. Here is the body just before primer. The rear quarter back in and ready for primer. First primer coat. Finally in paint.
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